A zenekar

What kind of music do you listen to?
A little of everything [...]
But happy or sad [...]
A bit of this, a bit of that[...] Different kinds.
Both slow and sometimes fast.
And what kind of fast do you like? [...]
Different kinds, for the most part I like music
videos most [...] English songs about how terror happens,
that we live in the ghetto, you know.
I like that, too [...] And what kind of books do you
read? [...]or newspapers?
[...] Ha, I could say a lot. A bit of everything.
The TV guide. The teletext. A bit of adventure stuff [...]
I love posters. Jokes. Anecdotes. Programs.
Thats cool [...] And do you like to diet?

(Dorota MasŁowska: Snow White and Russian Red)

Dorota – formed in Budapest, 2009. Plays improvised and composed music. Looking forward to.

Dávid Somló – Guitar, vocal, watering can saxophone, live and computer loops and soundscapes. Studied metal/jazz/african guitar and sociology. Composed and performed for theatre and dance.

Dániel Makkai – Bass, guitar, balalaika, kalimba. Studied jazz guitar, double bass and anthropology. Plays indonesian gamelan. Interested in working with children and their music.

Áron Porteleki – Drums, percussions, viola. Grow up in folk music. Studied jazz drum and anthropology. Plays in many collaborations from folk bands to dance theatre.


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